Friday, September 21, 2007

Beans 'N Rice

Yesterday was a 'good mom' day for me. I was proud of my ability to use patience with the 2yr old. Distraction is the key for this age, but it takes work. When he woke up from nap before everyone else and I needed him quiet and I was determined NOT to use the tv, I remember a long forgotten trick. I broke out the dry beans and rice (lentils left over from a bean recipe I love, but only use a small portion of the package and rice from a HUGE bag I bought for making rice heating pads). Got out a few bowls and measuring cups and spoons and other interesting kids safe utensils and it was quiet, but granted messy bliss while I made Zachary's chocolate covered pretzels pictured at the end of this post. Here the 3 of them are playing as the older two woke and wanted to play too.
This stuff is so cheap and great for little ones for texture and measuring and pouring and all that 'educational' stuff. And of course for mini dinosaurs to get into the fun...mostly being buried. The kitchen was filled with little voices saying "Look mom! Silly dinosaur!" And the best part, unlike sand or playdough, just a quick sweep of the broom and the mess is gone.

And here are the pretzels I got made during all the bean and rice fun. I made these for Zachary to take to school today to share with his friends
to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. I thought they would be cuter than the traditional cupcakes and I had found the mold while looking for other things at the cake and candy store a month or so ago. However, as usual I was overly ambitious trying to make these detailed 'cake stacked' chocolates for 30 five year olds. I think I made 2 with all the details painted in, 3 with half of them painted in then the rest opted to make all brown chocolate. But then I laced the finished chocolate ones with a little melted chocolate and sprinkled with candy sprinkles. They were still cute.

And last but not least we had Zachary's piano peformance party last night. We have these with every book they finish. They invite their
families and bring snacks. They play all the songs in their books as a group and then do a memorized solo on the teacher's 'big piano'. Here is Z doing his solo of the song called My Months. He is now playing the piano with both hands (chords on the left hand) and singing in the key of C and G and can transpose songs between the two. Great job Zachary!

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