Monday, October 1, 2007

Mom Tip Monday #1

I got this idea from a magazine (can't remember which one). I LOVE organization and thrive on it (kinda have to with 4 babies 5yrs, I mean 6yrs and younger!) Anyway, to organize your pantry and make thing more efficient you take a large plastic container and put all your lunch making supplies in it!

My kids have virtually the SAME thing every SINGLE day. PB sandwich (Z now takes jelly too and make his pb crunchy please), cheetos (we love the natural kind), a fruit and water. Putting all the pantry items in this box makes it easy for me to tote all items in and out.

I got these boxes 2for1 I think at Target. So I used the other for their snacks. We have snack time every day after nap and they can choose one of any item in this box. Z is usually kind enough to open Kalla's and Micah's packages. Kalla is in charge of getting everyone's waters out of the fridge. Nice and simple and best of all they can do it themselves!! ;)

Oh and the little paper hotdog 'trays' are left overs from Z's party last year (they only came in a huge package) and make perfect little snack trays.

And just another handy little tip: when you are out and about with a 2yr old carry a Sam's supply of wipes! lol

This was JUST the beginning:Nummy ice cream!! :)

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