Thursday, October 25, 2007


In this past several months I have been attempting to make my kitchen a little greener and safer. And no, that's not the color green. I have started reading food labels very carefully these days to buy products that don't have harmful preservatives and additives. At least for the food we consume mass quantities in our family. Alongside that I have been slowly replacing my bakeware with glass or silicone (LOVE silicone bakeware!) Here is a great webpage that goes over all the safety issues with cookware. Anyway, now what to do with those metal loaf pans?? I decided to give them a shiny coat of red paint and use them to store sewing notions. They will look great on my shelf...when I get it up...after my room gets painted. And I had some little spice containers I don't use anymore and thought they'd be great for holding things like safety pins. And when I replace my muffin pans, they will make great button sorters. :)

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Good idea!


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