Monday, November 5, 2007

My crafty weekend

I had to come up with a gift to make for about 46 people for a banquet we had at my church this past Sat night. This is what I did. With some help of a good friend of mine on Friday night, we stamped 30 cubes. I had the rest to do on Sat (this was being made so late due to some problems I had in getting the correct items). I got the idea from here. They turned out great, but the link to buying the cubes on Martha's website is wrong. Here is the correct product. I'm saving a few cubes for teacher's gifts. Two for Christmas for our music teachers...going to stamp music notes on them. Then the rest for the end of the year teacher appreciation. I will let the kids stamp whatever they want on the sides and then write on the top of it 'thanks for being my teacher.' :) The stamping website also has lots of fantastic products to use to make crafty gifts and containers!

Also had some baby gifts to make for a shower. Soft flannel bib with recycled denim pocket and burp cloth, swaddling blanket and the most adorable socks and a Wubbanub. Some of my favorite baby things.

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