Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The new edition! :) Zachary and Kalla are really into super this and super that and capes. The other day they had me make capes for their fav stuffies and some masks. I'm still supposed to be doing a mask for T Rex and Cheer/Rainbow bear. Capes are nothing but squares cut with pinking shears and tied around the neck. Masks are cut with felt and elastic sewn on the sides to fit snug around the face. And of course had to make a tutu for Olivia (the pink Build a Bear kitty). Simple simple to do....just a knotted tutu on elastic cut to fit her waist. :)

How to on knotted tutu....can be adjusted for dolls, stuffed animals or even little girls. Buy some tulle on a roll (one roll for dolls, about 4 for a full tutu for a 4 yr old girl). Measure waist and cut length of elastic to that measurement. Sew ends together taking in an inch of waist measurement (you want the end product slightly smaller than waist measurement so it will stay up). Measure length you want the tutu to be. Cut strips of tulle the double that length plus about 2". Then you simple tie the tulle strips around the elastic. You can mix up colors and you can even put 2 strips together then tie. Push tied strips along elastic til you can squish no more tulle on. Then stretch the elastic a bit and add some more (think how the elastic will stretch a bit when worn and you don't want holes with no tulle). Then you are done....huge poofy tutu for your princess or her dolls. :)

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