Friday, May 16, 2008

My Girl

Kalla~ "Mom, do I look like a mom?"
Me~"Well, you look like this mom."
Jeans, tee and flip flops have become Kalla's staple just like her mom. And oh yes the big bag. The difference in that being that the stuff in her bag is actually for her. The stuff in my bag is for everyone but me (all I need is a wallet and my cell phone!) And the baby in tote 24/7.

She's even taken an interest in sewing. Not quite old enough for the machine I've started her with a little embroidery thread and needle.

She traces the outlines of the flowers on the fabric.

This 4 yr old has me totally smitten. Though she did inform me that she doesn't want to be a mom because we do too much work in the kitchen, with toy iron in hand she asked, "Mom can I have some fabric so I can make you a shirt?"


Anonymous said...

Hey!! I found you!! :):)

Your 4-year-old girl reminds me a lot of my 4-year-old girl! Too cute! :)


P.S. I've missed you!

Deanna said...

Boy I've missed you! My computer crashed a while back and I don't have your email....could you email me please....

I think I emailed you right before the crash. Would love to catch up!!

Punky N Munky said...

Awww, I love it!!!


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