Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moo cow tee

Finally finished this tee for Micah's party on Sat. He's turning 3 on Sun, but having a farm themed party on Sat with his friends. This shirt seemed straightforward, however I think this is the 4th cow I did. I wanted a 3-D effect and did the cow on a piece of white fabric (I used various clipart/coloring pages on line and paintshop to make the party cow and then printed on iron on paper). Since the picture is iron on it is a delicate thing to iron on the applique! First I learned that I had to wash the fabric with the iron on first to not ruin it when ironing (by ruining first cow). Then I decided to add the barn and washed them before applying cow pic to shirt and the red barn faded on the cow. Finally got them all ironed on and washed up, then added interfacing to the cow applique and then lite heat n bond to back (both iron on interfacing and heat n bond were ironed on with a piece of scrap fabric in between iron and picture. Finally had cow ready to applique, but when ironing the cow onto the barn pic, I was a tad careless and managed to messed up the barn a little with the iron...ugh! But 3 yr old won't notice (bugs me though!). Then applied with a straight stitch all the way around. Whew! Done! And he'll love it.

Oh and the shirt I found clearance at Target. It had a pocket, but I carefully removed that first.

And I found the cutest party favors in the Target $ section. Little barns, little tractors that pulled a cart and tube of tiny farm animals (stuffed cart and animals in barn before bagging them so they'd fit.) The toys and individual package of fruit chews and they are ready to go. :)

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