Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some gifts

This is the simplest little book to make and wonderful for babies. It is bright, durable, chewable and can be personalized. I made this one for my niece's upcoming 1st birthday. I totally ripped this idea off of my sister. She made an identical book for Maressa for Christmas and she loves it.
Just need some card stock, stickers or other small pictures (I used a variety of die cuts and the above animal pics from the cow party decorations and stickers for my book. One of the pages even has a picture of the birthday girl (cleverly obtained from forwarded email pictures. You can tie these off with just standard ribbon, however I made these fabric ties as the poor girl struggles with eczema and needs only 100% cotton touching her and I figured on the chewing on the ties. :)

I made this simple skirt and embellished shirt for her too.

This is a potholder and embellished dish towel a week or so ago for a bridal shower.
I like collecting a few things off registries and then add something homemade to top it off.


kim said...

Hey Deanna! I love all the ideas that you have on your blog (spent a couple hours browsing last night :)) that book is very cute!

kim said...

meant to say this is Kim from BW. :)

Deanna said...

Thanks Kim! :)


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