Thursday, August 21, 2008

My room...almost done!

This is my sewing/craft room BEFORE. When we bought this house 2 years ago, it came with this craft room including the cabinets, tile floor and door to outside.

It is right off of our playroom...which is super nice to keep an eye (or ear) on the kids.
Here's the new look, complete with new sewing machine! Old Bessie is tucked into the far right corner. She was actually the inspiration for the room. It is painted the same color as my old machine (will dig up a good picture of her soon). I painted the cabinets white (still working on the big set of cabinets on the right wall) and replaced door handles.
It also includes the baby's corner. Maressa has already made much use out of this corner, keeping herself busy rocking her babies and building blocks to knock down while I am in here.
Here's one of the walls. Lovely scented candle and jarred up craft knickknacks on the shelf.
Not quite yet finished scrap wreath (needs some more strips).

Painted on chalk board for to do and needed supplies list. And cubbies for craft/sewing books and binders of patterns.
Here's a peek behind my working table where I have frequently used tools on hand and basket for half done projects. ;)
More craft supply storage and radio of course!
FINALLY! A spool rack...wouldn't let myself get one til my walls were painted! Here's my progress in getting the fabric back in. I still have a good bit more, it won't all fit I know though. The red canvas bins are for scraps.
I'm lucky that my walls are super high (this used to be part of the garage) and I get those cheap banker's boxes to store fabric that isn't used frequently. I need to get some more bankers boxes though as the shelves are full and have a good bit more fabric and stuff I need to find [non cluttered] places for. And I still need to finish painting these cabinets. And one day I hope to put a screen on my door to enjoy the spring and fall air.

This isn't a big room, but it's all MINE!


Unknown said...

oh my word... that looks AMAZING! I am very jealous that you have your own room. Then again, I don't have nearly that much stuff!! :)

Cathy said...

You have done an incredible job!! I wish I had a room like that. :)

Punky N Munky said...

Fantastic! I am insanely jealous!!!!

Deanna said...

Thanks guys! I am totally enjoying my newly decorated room!

stitchsmith said...

Hi! I linked here when you responded to my post on the SMS forum. I have those same wire snap together shelves--where did you pick up those canvas boxes? I was worried about fabric getting faded, but that would take care of the problem!

Deanna said...

Hi Rachel,
I got those canvas boxes from target in the organization aisle. They fold down flat. However, they are small compared to the space in each cube and you'd end up wasting lots of space to use those. The banker's boxes (carboard boxes found in the office supply aisle) fit in the cubes and would give you lots more space. They do come out about an inch and half past the cube space though if that would bother you. I can take a pic of a bankers box in the cube if you'd like to see how it fits. I'm lucky to not have had any of my fabric fade yet (they've been stacked in there like that for 2 years), but you do have a point. I think I will get a good rollershade for my door to pull down when I'm not in there. ;)


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