Friday, October 24, 2008

Bummer and blessings

Just a quick note to my visitors that I am 'out sick'. I have been out of commission since Tuesday. Fevers and the whole thing. :(

The blessing come from my wonderful friends that have called to see how they could help and bringing dinners and keeping Z some after school. And the biggest is my fantastic hubby who has stayed home to take care of me and the kids. This has been quite a challenge for him to get up and get the kids ready for school and pack lunches, etc. Especially since he's not feeling the greatest.

I hope to back to pace on Monday. Til then, it's sleeping if I can and lots of fluids. :)


Peppermom said...

Hope you feel better soon! Thank God for those good hubbies. They are truly a blessing! Hugs!

kim said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! That is awesome about your hubby--mothers so seldom get an actual sick day.

Emeka Amakeze said...

It's good of your hubby to help but then endeavour to always give yourself a break. Your hubby is a real man.

YayaOrchid said...

It certainly is a blessing to have loved ones who care and help out when needed. Hope you feel better soon!

carrie said...

ohhh, I hope you feel better. I must be going around... everyone here has it too :0(

~T~ said...

aww, I hope you are feeling much better. It's so nice to have the blessing of family & friends.


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