Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sew Crafty Blog

I just joined this group of sewing/crafting bloggers. It looks like fun and great blogs to peruse. If you'd like to check out other great crafting mom's blogs they are in my side bar now or you can check out the Sew Crafty Blog to join or find some other great blogs.

And a 'hello' to my fellow groupies. Thank you for the ladies that have visited and left sweet comments. I hope to check out all the blogs in greater length very soon. For now I'm in a big costume crunch (Christy it will be in the mail tomorrow!) and giving myself a timeout from the computer the rest of the day. :)

Will be back tomorrow to share completed projects from today (there are mulitple ones of course).

Oh one other thing, I've done a little blog housekeeping. You can now search my blog and I've added a third column for easier navigating (I hope).

For now, talk amongst yourselves and enjoy this video, I'm gonna go change a diaper and get to work!


annamae said...

Hi, I'm part of you sew craft blog group! can't wait to see what you've been working on! :)

Mackenzie said...

Hi, I'm part of your sew/craft blog too, I look forward to getting to know you!

YayaOrchid said...

I LOVE that video you posted! What movie is it from? I've got to see the whole movie!

Deanna said...

I don't know what movie that was from. I saw it on another blog months ago and just saved the youtube link to my browser. I bet you can find it though. :)


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