Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Halloween pics

ROAR says the Micahsaur!

It's a Maressafly!a Kallafly

And Zachary the race car driver!

This year aside from Zachary's costume, we just used stuff from the dress up trunks. That dinosaur was Z's costume a few years back and Micah loves to wear it...we really got our money out of that used costume I bought on eBay! Zachary got to dress up for school as what he wants to be when he grows up. So what do you think he wants to be?? That's fine as long as he's 7, if he has such ideas when he's a teenager, we'll have to have a serious talk!
Kalla did NOT want to wear any of her princess dresses and settled for butterfly wings like her sister (we already had 2 pairs). Maressa could care less so I made her a butterfly and some quick antennas.

Here they are in action. Maressa was right in there holding out her bucket for goodies too! After a few houses we went to a party at our church where all the kids shed their costumes (except for race car man) and hopped in the bouncy, played games and gorged on hotdogs and other treats (or was that me??) Now to sort out all the candy I won't let them have an send it to Matt's work!


Beth said...

What great costumes. It looks like everyone had a great halloween! Beth

YayaOrchid said...

What creative costumes! Those are the kind I appreciate: cute and creative!

Have a great week!

carrie said...

Too cute! I love seeing little ones all dressed up!

~T~ said...

Aww! Too cute!!


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