Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick little tutorial on how to make a rick rack hem

Just thought I'd share how I put rickrack on a hem. It can be a cute touch to a skirt, dress or pants. I just finished up M's little skirt today (see previous post) and thought it would be a cute finish. :)
First take your rickrack and pin it to the right side of your fabric close to the edge.
Sew it down through the middle.

Now turn over fabric and turn under the edge a bit.

Then under again as you do for any other hem. Check the front side to see if it is looking as you want..I like for my dips to just peek out.

Sew down along the top of the hem fold...NOT in the middle of the rick rack like before.

And you're done! Hemmed and trimmed in one step!


Kari Sweeten said...

I am so glad you shared how to do this. I was intimidated to do this and now I will definitely give it a try! THANKS!

Luke and Mel said...

I really appreciate this post and the legwarmers one too. I just started trying to sew and I need step by step info. Love your blog. I have been using it for inspiration for awhile now. The party ideas are great!

Alison B said...

love it. I'm going to do one right now

Mutuelle sante said...

Thank you it was a fantastic support, now to make a rick rack hem is very easy with the help of your advice. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I love rick rack and now I can sew correctly with it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.


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