Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby no more :(

Today she's two. No more babies in the house. First time in over 7 years. Very strange feeling.
Happy Birthday sweet little girl!!

Oh and I guess I'm another year older. And Z loves to always put the year you are on the cards he makes. I haven't told him yet that adults don't generally flaunt their age. So I got a lovely card from him with not only a giant 36 on the front, but the back as case I forget I guess! lol :)


Heather said...

So sweet. What a happy girl. The bittersweetness of them growing and learning while we want to protect them and keep them close.

Lou said...

She may not be a baby anymore but she's soon to become your best friend! ;)
Happy birthday! x

Alison B said...

I'm wondering about your birthday sign in the background on this post...I would love to see the whole thing. I loooove birthday stuff. thanks!!! I absolutely think you are a genius!!! You've taught me a ton and I just found your blog yesterday! I made your shirt dress so quick. very easy and fun!!!

Deanna said...

Hi Alison! Good to have you here! :) The sign can be seen fully in my post about her birthday party here:

And most bday stuff I've blogged about thus far should be linked in my right side bar. I have 2 coming up though. ;) WE LOVE bdays here too.


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