Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another hem tutorial...contrasting fabric...and some cute skirts

I made up some little simple skirt sets for my shop. Kinda a funky bright colored sets.

And follows is a little tutorial on a quick easy way to add a contrasting fabric hem. This can be used on skirts, dresses and pants. :)

First you cut the width of your skirt that you want to have a contrasting fabric hem. Then cut a strip a few inches longer than your skirt width and 2-3" wide (depending on how much fabric you want to be on the hem...I used 3" here). If you need to use 2 strips to get the length, sew them together on one end, but leave the other end open.
Now your skirt should be together on the sides (I wait to sew up my waist and add elastic til after my hem is done). Start at one seam on the underside of the skirt and fold the side of your strip under about an inch and lay the strip down on the raw edge of the bottom of the skirt with the right side facing the wrong side of the skirt.

Now sew along edge and last end of the strip does not need to be turned will not show when you flip the strip over.

Here is what the front side of your skirt will look like when you've finished this step.

Here is a close up of the 2 ends. The part on the bottom when sewed is turned under, but the top one is not.

Now with skirt flipped out right side out, turn your sew on strip up to meet the raw edge of the skirt.
Now turn it up once more and topstitch down. Now you are done! Hope this wasn't too confusing, because I realize that if I didn't know how to do it already, I probably would have a hard time understanding this explanation! ;)

Oh and I finally added pictures to my hoodie towel tutorial too if you want to check it out. :)
I'm hoping to get my serger back soon. And I will do a simple skirt, twirl skirt and bubble skirt tutorial. For now we are headed to visit family tomorrow for the last half of spring break. See ya next week!


Very Shannon said...

Thanks for such a great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable!

YayaOrchid said...

Very nice fabric contrasts!

Teresa said...

Hi Deanna,
The tutorial is just what I am looking for. However, I have a bit of a challenge in my current project. I am making a lined jumper (Bonnie Blue, Holly & Hunter). I am using a lightweight pique for the jumper and the lining. I want to put a contrasting hem (using the lining fabric with piping separating the jumper and hem. How would you suggest I work in the lining with the hem. The bottom of the jumper has a gentle curve which is makes all of my ideas not work. Thanks, Teresa

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I found you on One Pretty Thing....I am an avid hand sewer, but have been a tad scared of my machine. I took a basic sewing class last fall and loved it, but still don't use my machine. You lady are the inspiration I needed! I have 2 little girls that LOVE skirts...will be visiting again and again for your tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to do them!


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