Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make a felt pennant garland for your next tailgating party

I've been working on decorations for our last birthday bash this Saturday. It's of course a sports theme for my almost 8 year old. Course since I am not capable of doing anything plain and simple, I am making some decorations to take down to the park (and hopefully it won't rain!!) I made a couple of these pennant garlands to hang at the picnic pavilion. They were super simple and here's how I made them:

I got those super stiff pieces of felt at Hobby Lobby in colors of all his favorite teams (not all are football, but I figured they would be colorful for the party and I will hang them in his room when it's over). They are bigger than the softer floppy kind. I started by cutting the pieces in half length wise.

Then I measured to cut the triangles. Mine are 4" wide across the top. Then I made a mark on the other side at 2" and drew my lines on both sides with a water soluble pen and cut out.
After your first one is cut you can use it as a pattern.

Then I had a big stack of triangles.

Then I used an inexpensive roll of skinny satin ribbon and pinned the triangles along the ribbon and sewed down. Then it is ready to hang!

These would make fun decorations for any tailgating party or your super bowl party in the new year!


Toots said...

I just have to say something. I came across your blog last weekend and I LOVE IT! I admire all the ceative and crafty things you've done and the way you go all out for your kids's birthday parties. It got me all excited to really make an effort for my daughter's 10 b-day coming fact you gave me a great idea to make beaded collars for her favorite stuffed animals and she can't wait to do it. You are so amazing! I truly look forward to what you'll post next. I am just in awe of your talents. Wow! I could learn a lot from you. :)

Deanna said...

Thank you for your really kind words. :) :) said...

What a fun idea for football parties, I love it! And easy too-bonus! I'll be linking, thanks so much, I just love it here!


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