Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coming projects

Just a little preview of stuff I'm working on. As soon as I can get a few more things made for the girls to wear for this fall/winter, I plan on getting straight to some crafting tutorials (making lots of stuff for Kalla for Christmas this year).

Oh and a little something for me!
Stay tuned!
Oh and just a little tip if you don't already do this. Scour your favorite stores for clearance bed sheets and fabric shower curtains to use for sewing projects. You might find some cute prints for practically nothing! I just got a twin sheet set on clearance from Target for about $6. I'm making the girls pants and dresses and myself some pj pants! :)

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Lee Ann said...

ooh would love some inspiration! I bought a super cheap bedding set from IKEA to use for fabric and it is still in the pack! so any easy project ideas would be wonderful!


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