Thursday, February 4, 2010

Girl Crafts~Making a jewelry box and some pretties for her doll

Kalla and I had a craft day last weekend.  We made lots of stuff for her doll.  She got an AG doll for Christmas and it comes with a book of things to do with/for your doll.  She is all over it!  lol  So she wanted to make a necklace for her like in the book (they are doll and me necklaces, but K doesn't like to wear jewelry).  And we decided to make a jewelry box as well.

Here are the pretties we made for her doll to wear.

The bracelets are just beads strung onto a clear elastic bead string.

The necklace is a little big, but Kalla liked it and made it all herself.

So here's a low down of what all we did to make this stuff.

I keep everything if I think I can make a craft with it.  So here I found this box that once was a cheap bear Target puzzle (we took the pieces out long ago and glued magnets on the back to use on the magnet board in the playroom).    Perfect size to hold jewelry.  You of course can get a paper mache box to decorate at the craft store.

So first K painted it all pink

Note:  here is a good post on how to remove acrylic paint from clothes if you let your kids use acrylics like I do.  We did well on this project with sleeves rolled up high and apron on.  You could also have them wear an old adult tee over their clothes too.

Then we turned over the top to the smooth side and mod podged on pretty paper.  Did the same to the back.  Added letter stickers to spell out her dolls name.  Then we covered the whole box in a generous coat of mod podge to make it nice and shiny.

After it was all dry, the lid fit too tightly on top due to some paint on the sides of the lid and whatnot, so I sanded the edges down til it fit nicely.  Then I stapled a ribbon pull to make it easier to open the lid.  We also cut a piece of felt to glue down to the bottom of the inside.

For the dolls necklace I traced a heart onto shrinky dink paper and let her decorate as she pleased with Sharpies.  Then I cut it out and punched a hole in the top.

We strung the heart with black waxed string found in the jewelry section of the craft store and K strung on some choice beads as well.  Then we made a button latch on the ends by tying on a button on one end, and tying a loop on the other.

That same day as K is determined to make everything the book suggests, she needed a hat and some cookies as well.
In the book they use a knit glove to make a hat.  None that we owned that I minded chopping up would fit her head, so I found a part of a sweater already chopped up in my craft room and used a sleeve.  Just tied the top with a piece of rick rack.

Now for the cookies and cocoa.  We made an assortment with pieces of felt and craft glue.

The cocoa is just these pom poms stuffed into a tea cup.  :)


Misty @Creative Itch said...

What a fun day that must have been! I need to have more 'craft time' with my girls!!

Lee Ann said...

that box is so cute!

Your blog makes me smile so I have named you for an award on my blog , I am sure you have had a load of these but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog xx

Deanna said...

Lee Ann, you are so sweet! Thank you so much!

Rebekah Lindenmayer said...

How cute is that little hat and so easy for the girls to make by themselves. I am going to use this for my daughters AG Doll birthday party.


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