Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 2 second Valentines Decorations

I don't really decorate for holidays (aside from Christmas of course) or seasons other than fall...I can't stand the least bit of clutter or chotchkies and I have a more contemporary taste (speaking of, I cannot decide whether to paint this dresser I use as a day I'll get pics of my dining room as a whole and you guys can tell me what you think).  But I decided with this metal fixture I put up at Christmas to hold cards, I can use it for a little bit of holiday festiveness.  This is in my dining room and I didn't intend to keep it, but when I put it up and all the tiny holes it created, I decided to make it more permanent.  And it's been so useful.  I made a tiny Valentines statement for now and have magnetic bday wishes ready to go for Maressa's party.  :)

I simply opened a package of doily hearts, peeled them apart and hung them on my already made button clips.  Ta da!   Done!  But I didn't use them all here....

I strung some more on good old fashioned red yarn for my living room mantel.  :)

There ya go.....2 seconds!  ;)


Us Simple Girls said...

though i lean toward old fashioned and you have a more contemporary style... we are bonded by a simple pleasure like "cosby show"... small world, after all! :)

i love all your great ideas... quick and cute is a great combo in my book. these doilies are just that!

thanks for sharing!

Lorie said...

VERY cute! And 2 seconds is my kind of craft~

Deanna said...

Katrina~thanks! :)

Lorie~thank you! btw I LOVE your blog...been a reader for some time. :)


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