Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Baker's Gift

Went to a shower the other day and came up with this cute gift.  The "big" gift that other's were giving was a stand mixer.  So I knew I'd be safe coming up with a baking package.

Inside I put this apron I made.  I use an old store bought apron I have as a pattern.  
Mine is NOT nearly this cute!  I keep saying one day I'll make me a new one.  :)

The part I love best that I always copy from my old one is the adjustable strap.  
Just a couple of D rings.

Also included some of my fav baking tools, a cookie scoop and offset spatula  Then some cookie cutters I took out of the package and tied with a ribbon and fun sprinkles.

Also a sampling of my fav baking recipes..copied and pasted from my blog.  ;)

I put all this stuff in a cake box with a window.  Closed it up and tied it with yarn and a handmade tag.


djjdjdjdjd said...

very cute. i'll keep that one in mind. isn't it funny that we always intend to make things for ourselves, but we always end up making them for others:o) Wouldn't have it any other way:o)

Deanna said...

I know it! :)

denise said...

Super cute!

Melanie Stepp Coughlin said...

That's a great gift. Useful, beautiful, and thoughtful. I'm going to remember it (but buy an apron, of course!).

Leah T :) said...

What an awesome idea... I'm gonna have to copy this idea on my next shower.. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

such a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable gift!

Michie said...

It's interesting to me how much fun something becomes just be adding ribbon to it. Those cookie cutters look so cute out of the package and dressed up with ribbon. I'll have to remember that - it's all about presentation!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Perfect gift and wonderful presentation! Will have to remember that idea.


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