Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh My Craft & Sewing Room, How I Love Thee

My room got a redo a couple of months ago.  Here are some before and after pics of the first redo.  But it just wasn't working for me...and it never truly got finished.  Well, there are a few things I still have on the to do list, but this is pretty much it now.  I finally got all the cabinets a nice bright white and new handles.

Hung some fabric decorations.  The ceiling is super high.  This used to be part of the garage.  I say this room is what really sold me the house.  The previous owner had a little business of sewing custom wedding gowns out of her home.  So she had this room built off the den with all the lovely should have seen her awesome huge custom cutting table she had in here...but sadly she took it with her.  But it's probably for the better because it took up most of the room.  My tall plastic drawers holds mostly paper craft stuff with my big paper pads on top and a basket of my shape punches.

She told me she would leave the cabinets if I promised to use them and not rip them off and throw them if!!  lol  Most of my fabric is folded neatly into these metal crates.  Batting, pieces of chenille bedspreads (for bibs and baby blankets) and half done projects in the red crates.  Old Bessie sits in the left hand corner.  I inherited her from my husband's grandma and this machine worked like a horse for years when I made and sold boutique children's clothing on eBay.  When I finally got a new machine, I couldn't bear to part with her.  I actually did the colors of my room around her lovely 50's shades of aqua and red trims.

Maressa's corner is still here.  I hated throwing away my white snowballs after my Christmas party, so I hung them in here.  This summer though I plan to put a small table in that corner and get Kalla her own machine.  The door there leads to the side of our yard.  I hope this spring to put in a nice wooden screen door on the other side as I love to have that door open when it's warm.

Could you imagine NOT keeping the cabinets???  I store bins of stuff I don't use often on top.  The metal bins under my table hold ongoing projects and crafts I plan on doing and the random kids stuffy that needs fixing.

The other thing I'd really like to do is either paint the tile (messy) or just lay some nice vinyl on top.  I'd love a throw rug, but thinking I really don't want to have one more space to vacuum often with all the threads that go flying around here!

And yes even my ironing board matches (find tutorial for covering your ironing board here).  :)

This open space in my cabinets is perfect for my pattern binders.  I got really fat white binders and filled them with plastic sheet protectors and all my patterns go down in them...that way I don't have to fit everything back in those little envelopes.   Also perfect for finding all the templates and patterns I print off the net.  And when I draw or print pictures for appliques they go in my template binder.  I just used some scrapbook papers and stickers to jazz the binders up.

I got these inexpensive cubbies and boxes at Target.  The mesh metal bins are Target dollar spot finds.  These hold crafts and supplies.  Also my pattern and sewing books and magazines live here.  On top is some recycled metal tins to hold supplies, a drawer type utensil organizer holds a bunch of random stuff and instead of getting rid of my old metal loaf pans when I went to glass, I spray painted them red and they hold my shears and other things.  You will also notice I have my dvd collection in here.  I like working to background noise, always have.  So I keep our portable dvd player in my room and play some of my fav sitcoms (Target had Season 1 &2 of I Love Lucy for only $15 a month ago!!) while I work.  It's so nice and cozy and I bring a cup of tea, light a smelly candle and I can live in my room for a nice long time...course that never happens!  ;)  Not for lack of trying though!!

On my shelf is jars of stuff like buttons and beads.  Some ancient sewing supplies I got from hubby's grandmas, some old ceramics I had given to my grandma when I was little (I got them back when she passed away) and a vase from Indonesia where my dad lived for a time.

So I know you guys are probably wondering what is behind all those doors.
My controlled chaos.  :)  Anyone up for I-spy?  And no there aren't oranges in my cabinets...I repurposed an orange box to hold my craft paints.

This awesome custom built cabinet I inherited has places to hold my serger cones in the doors.  Boxes of ribbons, large pieces of felt and my flannel and fleece live in here.

Yeah, I know I'm spoiled with my room.  ;)

A before...this was one of the reasons for my redo.  The Great Fabric Giveaway.  I couldn't stand it any longer.  I was busting at the seams.  So I got rid of a ton of fabric I no longer planned to use and other stuff just sitting in my room.


Carrie said...

Wow! That's some room... jealous!

Kayla said...

I'm seriously drooling...what an amazing room. I love, love, love the colors!

kim said...

I am so jealous of all your storage! I've got the room, the desk I wanted, and even managed to paint the walls, but I'm still lacking in storage space and its really hard to organize craft supplies without enough shelves!

Anonymous said...

wow, that is beautiful! I love your idea of painting your old bread pans. I think I need to remember I can paint stuff before I decide I need to get rid of it! :)

denise said...

The flow seems much better now. I guess Matt never looks in those cabinets. You could hide a small child or two in there.

Katherine said...

NICE room! Your so organized....gosh! I need you to help me get my space in order :)

Unknown said...

Love your room - thanks for sharing - Imma gonna use the notebook idea!

Very Shannon said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing - great job! I love the idea for putting patterns into binders. I was just trying to figure out how to get around that.


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