Tuesday, October 19, 2010

in the mind of a six year old

Kalla used to always have a few questions for her daddy when he tucked her in at night (brilliant stalling tactic).  He journaled them for a couple of weeks on the computer.  I came across this list the other day and just love it.  Thought I'd share.   :)

As written by Matt:
A few of Kalla’s Bedtime Questions

How did God make our skin?

How many things are in the world?

Do they make glass like in a machine?

How do workers make power lines?

Remember how yesterday you said we could talk more about power lines.  Well, how do they make the trucks that put them up high?

How do people get their teeth out and get fake teeth?

How do they make toys?
How did God get his powers?

How do workers make roads?

How do people make those snow jeans?
(meaning snow pants)

How do they make clothes be the color that they want?
How do they make dolls and attach the hair to it?
How did God say “let there be” and then there was?

What do you do on your computer at work?
What do you talk about at meetings?

How do they make beds like this one and this one?
(pointing to her doll bed and her bed)

3/12/2009 (With her own answer)
How do you make the lady talk on the GPS?
Answer: You just go on America.

Amazing the things that go on in their growing brains.   :)

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