Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jack-o-lanterns and yummy roasted seeds

This past weekend we carved our pumpkins. 
 The kids are pretty traditionalist when it comes to their jack-o-lanterns.  They drew how they wanted their faces on paper first.  Then I carved them out.  Maressa didn't really draw a face, but just scribbled.  So we talked over how she wanted her face to look.  She wanted a circle mouth.  Z had a semi-complex face (the pumpkin on the far left) and I did the best I could to get it to look like his picture.  :)

Here they are lit up.  Sorry for the blur.  It was dusk and with the flash off, the camera is hard too hard to hold still.  I guess if I really really cared, I could have got out the tripod.  ;)
I really love using the batter powered tea lights for the pumpkins.  You can get a giant box of them at Sam's.

So then we had four pumpkins worth of seeds.  I decided to experiment with roasting them.
After I washed the seeds all off, by myself (kids had abandoned me to play on the trampoline very quickly into our pumpkin project...but who can blame them, it was perfect weather), I divided them into 3 bowls.
Then each bowl got 2 tsp of melted butter.  Then one bowl got some sea salt, another bowl few tsp of brown sugar, cinnamon and pinch of nutmeg, and the third bowl got brown sugar, cinnamon and few dashes of cayenne pepper.  Then I roasted them all in separate baking dishes at 300F for about 45 mins.  
Let cool.  Enjoy!
The sweet and spicy was my favorite.


Miranda said...

I love your jack-o-lanterns all lined up on the bench. Very cute!

Deanna said...

Thanks! Too bad they already molded and died! lol Too much rain.


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