Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At my sister's house...

there's art.  LOTS of it.  Just walking in her house makes me smile.  I was there for 7+ days a couple of weeks back helping out by watching her kiddos while she was having a major surgery.

Just wanted to share some of it with you.  :)
Most of the art, my sister painted herself.  Some her kids did.

This great painting and the following Coke one are in her kitchen.

These are in her den.  The leaf art her oldest son made at school, the swirly art her kids and her all made together and the rest are painted by my sister...the 2 dogs are portraits of their furry kids.

This cool head vase she got for Christmas from a local art gallery.  LOVE this!  I'm SO jealous!

More art she did.

Oh and I had to take a pic of this awesome palm tree with lights. 
She got it at Christmas time and I'm in love with it!
A pickle in her art/craft space.
Decoupage birds in the guest room.
More stuff she's worked on.
I keep telling her she needs to sell her art!

This one hangs in her bedroom and her kids did it for her.
More kid art in their craft space.

Oh and this is something I did.  Muslin with some fabric markers and had lots of friends and family sign well wishes to my sisiter.  Then I sewed on some fabric and added some details.
I was hoping this would get to her during her stay in the hospital, but I don't think it did.  I hung it in her dining room when I left.

So while I was gone, hubby played Mr Mom.  I thought surely there would be lots of  "wow honey, I don't know how you do this all the time!"  Or at least a "no wonder you are tired all the time!"  But no.
I got a "this was so easy and fun!!"  argh.

Coming up:
Valentines treats and cookies
Teddy Bear party details
Felt princesss necklace
Den/playroom makeover
Thrifty treasures


denise said...

Why didn't you requisition some of that art?

Deanna said...

Ya know, maybe she wouldn't have missed one or two. :)

HelenG said...

Yay! Your back! You have been missed!!!

Deanna said...

Thank you so much Helen! :) Your comment made my day!

Nicole said...

Deanna I have four little ones also & went to CA with a girlfriend for a week. When I returned, my husband had the house running like clockwork & was advising me on how to keep up with the laundry. Really sickening.
I guess you have a lot of gusto when u aren't burned out!!! :)
I hope and pray that your sister is doing well. You are a huge blessing to her I am sure!

Deanna said...

Nicole, sounds totally like my husband. lol Rotten aren't they? :)


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