Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Belated Valentines

As like everything this year I was flying by the seat of my pants to get it all done.  Four sets of Valentines, 4 parties (last one ending today) and 2 birthdays and one friend birthday.
Here are the Valentine cookies I made for Micah's kindergarten class.  
Thirty-three to be exact.
Vanilla rolled cookies with royal icing, melted chocolate chip mouth and Wilton's candy eyes.
Third grade got these full size Laffy Taffy bars.  Simply bought a box at Sam's and stapled tag to them. 
According to Zachary they were a big hit.
Kalla made these little treat boxes for her first grade class.  I had a ton of these big matchboxes left over from parties.  We put in some dollar candy and stickers inside.  Then I let Kalla decorate with heart stickers I got at the Target dollar section.  Tied off with twine.  Super cute.
When I saw these last year I was determined that someone was going to take them for Valentines this year.
Sent these with Micah to his kindergarten class.
For all the teachers I made some mixed berry muffins (from a mix). 
 Thought they would be a nice change from candy.
Maressa gave these gunny bear tubes.  Skinny cellophane bags from here on etsy.

For my kids this year I admit I wasn't as into it as usual or prepared.
I had bought them all a book a couple of weeks ago.
Didn't really wanna give candy or sweets since they come home with bags of it from school. 
Not to mention we still had cupcakes and birthday cake.

But I remember as a kid this one year when me and my sisters came home from school on Valentines day and my mom decked out the kitchen and had special surprises for us.
It made us feel so special. 
 I don't recall all the details, but I remember it involving a mini heart shaped cake and new shoes.

So I figured, it didn't have to be fancy.  So I taped some heart doilies together and hung them from the ceiling.  Put a snack on special paper plates and water in fun colorful cups we hadn't used yet.
Picked out a couple of conversation hearts specially for them and a few kisses and popcorn.
Added it to their new books and a Valentine Charlie Brown video to share.

They were thrilled.  :)

Do you guys celebrate with your kids?  With your romantic Valentine?
Sit and eat chocolate alone?
I did 2 of them.....

Hubby and I are having a do over next week when our babysitters his parents are in town and we get to go out on a date night.  :)

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