Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A rainy day weekend

This last weekend it was rainy rainy rainy, build an ark kinda rainy here in the deep south.
We didn't have much planned anyway, except a cancelled baseball practice.
So we played all weekend.  Not a stitch of laundry touched.  
Stayed in our jammies all day Saturday.
I made a large homestyle breakfast that morning (hashbrowns, biscuits n gravy, sausage and eggs).  
We watched some cartoons, played board games, hide n go seek and painted.
Zachary made one too, but 'messed' up and never finished it.
Micah did some indoor tball practice with daddy...and a very squishy ball, though the thud I would hear on my wall made me wonder how many dents I would find later.

Kalla and I sewed both days.  
She made this pillow and worked on some simple scrap squares that we will use for a garland.  
The scrap squares was a great project she could do alone to help her get more used to using her machine...more on that later.
Sunday after church and lunch (and a little nap by me while some of the big boys watched basketball) we sewed some more.
Then the boys go into it.  They wanted to use these cool machines too

I helped them make these Peanuts pillow cases.
I taught Kalla how to braid with this simple necklace project (I'm so making me one of the 3 tier ones).
Then the big kids learned how to use mommy's big camera and proceeded to take silly pictures of each other.

And of their pets.

And that was our weekend.

Now this coming weekend.  Chaos ensues.  
Opening weekend for Micah's tball and Zachary is in a large tournament over an hour away all weekend.
Blessings that it is supposed to be perfect baseball weather though.  :)
Gonna get my peanuts and cracker jacks ready!

What do you guys do on rainy weekends?
What keeps you busy busy busy this time of year?

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Anonymous said...

The fabric necklace is awesome! I made one for my daughter yesterday and now we plan to make them for all her friends. Thanks for sharing such a cute, easy craft for girls. :-)



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