Friday, April 1, 2011

My rainbow brite

Littlest miss has been super into nail polish lately.  We've done pink.  We've done blue.  
This time the request was rainbow.
So we went shopping this morning for the other colors of the rainbow.
My fav especially for the little impatient wiggly ones is this Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.
It really dries fast...even for a 4yr old patience.

She's been showing off her rainbows all day.
Almost makes me wanna do my nails like this too!  :)


zakkalife said...

Those rainbow toenails look perfect for spring. Pretty pictures.

Vivian said...

I love your blog and sometimes drop by!

LOVE the nails. My daughter is 3 and sooo into polish.

But I worry about the fumes....chemicals. Is it ok for kids to use it?

Now she is using glue nail polish...some kid-safe polish from Korea my SIL bought for us.

Sorry...not to make you worry or anything, but I was always told to do my nail polish outdoors b/c of the bad fumes. ;P My family hated the smell of the stuff.

Keep up the fun blogging!
I just blogged about pthalates in shampoos today...

zakkalife said...

Hope you're doing okay. You haven't posted in a while. I know you've dropped by and commented so at least I know you're still alive ;)


Deanna said...

Thanks for checking Jessica. :) I have been in a blogging funk...just not feeling it lately and super busy. I hope to get back regular soon. :)


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