Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't hate me because my refrigerator is beautiful

Or rather really REALLY clean!!
One of the benefits of no electricity and having all your food spoil and be thrown out.  :)  And there was no choice in cleaning every nook and cranny, lest stink, stink STINKY house!  ;)

Slowly filling it back in.  We won't mention the nastiness I found under all the drawers.

Tomorrow kids finally go back to school.  No word on whether we make it up or not.  If so that will make 2 full weeks between this and our snow to make up.  yuck.

But for now I'm gonna enjoy that my kids are playing nicely and I don't have to play taxi driver today and put on Everybody Loves Raymond on the travel dvd player in my sewing room and get busy.  My sewing machine and I need to rekindle our relationship.  :)

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