Monday, October 24, 2011

Mirror Glam

Recently we unbunked the girls beds and there was no more room for the big mirror in their room.
Plus honestly I really wanted it for my dining room.
My dining room is smack in the middle of my house with no windows so not a lot of natural light.
And a big wall perfect for a big mirror to reflect what little light does come in from the playroom.

Anyway, I wanted to spruce up the plain mirror a little.

I simply hot glued glass rocks around the edge.
It took about 5 bags of the small rocks and a little bit of time.

I'm really liking it.
Little something, but nothing too overwhelming so I can put anything in front of it or hang on it as seasons change or parties we have. ;)


Anyone else a Netflix 80s/90s shows junkie??


Tune in tomorrow for unicorn costume how to!!

Will post girl's room redo soon too!


zakkalife said...

Your mirror looks great. It's always fun to breathe new life into an old accessory.

I can't wait to see the room and the costume! I meant to tell you about a unicorn costume I saw on Twin Dragonfly Designs but I go so busy I forgot about it. It has been one busy month.

kim said...

The mirror looks really good with your dining room.

And yes, I'm a Netflix TV junkie in general. But in that genre, I've watched some Family Ties recently, used to watch 90210 when it was available and am always scanning the lists to see what's new. What are your favorites?

Karen said...

I noticed the mirror the other night, but forgot to say anything. I guessed it was another of your many awesome DIY projects.

I might be a Netfilx junkie if I wasn't so busy watching the new stuff.

Deanna said...

Kim, I like all kinds of old stuff. Cosby Show is my fav (though I have it on dvd). Family Ties, Quantum Leap, Muder She Wrote and Monk I watch as well. And other older sitcoms. ;) people with your fancy dvrs. :)


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