Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just a little loopy

Hello everybody.
Just a little post to fill you in.
Lot of little things going on this past week.
First internet went down.  It's still not right and we can't get the wireless to work.

Then guinea pig got sick.

Gus stopped eating and drinking at some point this past week.
He's just pitiful.  Vet can't find what's wrong at the moment without a bunch of random and expensive tests.
So I am syringe feeding him for now and see if he doesn't get better.
Fun fun!  :)  It's actually not that bad and they kids think it is just adorable.
I got the closet done.  Organization bliss.
Much better!  May add a peg board on the wall in there too.

Oh and lastly, I had surgery yesterday.  I was going to blog about it before, but we had connection issues.
I had my yucky gall bladder removed.  I hear I will feel much better.
Yesterday was rough at some points.  Pain medicine is good.
 Speaking of if this post makes no sense, I am heavily medicated at the moment.  lol
But it does the job.  My hubby got up to find me making waffles for the kids this morning.
He thought I had lost my mind.
I have a little with this medicine...but there were only 2 egg casualties.  :)

Should be back in a few days and hopefully a little more coherent.

For now I'm going to go watch a movie with Maressa while all the other kids are at basketball.


djjdjdjdjd said...

I hope you get to feeling better very soon! And I hope the guinea pig gets better too:o) Take care of yourself!

zakkalife said...

Hope you and the guinea pig are feeling better.

Deanna said...

Thanks Crystal and Jessica! :)


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