Monday, February 27, 2012

Woodland Birthday Party

Finally getting around to showing you the party for miss little 5 yr old.
I'll let you check out the pics and if you want some details I'll add them to the bottom.  :)

Lots of Christmas trees, curling ribbon, silk leaves, wasabi tape, owls, stuffed woodland animals we had on hand, little bit of bunting.
Glitter and moss paper mache number five.
Hanging lantern owls idea from here.

*Painting mini bird houses--$1 a piece at Michaels

*making wood slice pendant necklaces--wood slices from here
we used stickers and rubs to decorate them and hung them on wax twine

*playing in 'forest' with animal masks-- used faux bois contact paper from Lowe's on an empty dishwasher box for a 'wood stump'
I sewed masks for each guest inspired by these

 *woodland scavenger hunt--free printable here
I made sure there was something representing each item in the party rooms

*big brothers read them all a couple of books

*activity table with pine cones, stones, beans and other sensory stuff with mini animals
Veggies n dip, fruit salad, Pirates Booty, cheddar bunnies, dried banana chips.

If I forgot to include something or you have a question, feel free to email me!  :)


Michelle said...

Just dropping in to say everything was super cute! Hope she had a blast.

djjdjdjdjd said...

It looks like so much fun! Where did you get the red and white polka dot balloons? Thinking I am going to go get those little bird houses, and make them "Munchkin" homes:o) Putting the finishing touches on the Wizard of Oz party.

Gena at said...

So cute and original! I love the big brothers reading books!

Deanna said...

Crystal, the balloons are actually dark pink and white and I got them at Target or Party City. I'm sure there are red and white as well. :)

Sarah H said...

Love every detail, where did you get the forest animal rub ons? I loved those as a kid and know my daughter would to!

Deanna said...

I don't really remember where I got the rubs. I imagine i got it at Hobby Lobby or Target in the scrapbook aisle.


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