Thursday, April 26, 2012



I mentioned some bathroom renovations.
What started as a little repair under the house to jack up the floor, ended up being a rip up the entire floor, new tile kinda project.
We just wanted to make some necessary repairs to get the house shaped up to put on the market.
But when they went to jack up the joists, they found lots of rot.
The bath was never put in properly (this is part of an addition the previous owners put in).

This particular bath was put in with handicap accommodations. 
So with the extra large shower stall and plenty of floor, this turned into a big project.
Floor is in now, but still waiting for the shower to be finished out and some other details finished up.

Meanwhile, my tiny closet of a master bath is torn up as well.
Fun fun!
While under the house, my repair guys found even worse rot under my shower.
So our bath had to be gutted.
I wish I had taken pics of it before.  It was kinda a hideous tiled 60's style bath.
See that bit of tile there in the middle of the photo.
The ugly greenish/tanish color.
My whole bathroom.
The entire shower stall in that tile and the walls in the bathroom.
All gone now.
As of this minute they are installing a nice clean, white fiberglass shower.
With NO DOOR.  Wahoo!  I hate cleaning shower doors.
I got a great shower curtain from Target yesterday.
This tiny bath is going to be SO cute when it's done.

Next week, lookout for the finished products!

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