Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the playroom: white is the new color

Back in the day in my first house (14 yrs ago) I had lots and lots of color.
I had no fear and painted all the walls in deep colors.
Well, I’m over it.
I’m in love with the white and gray.
My next home will defintely be painted white and gray.
Then I can add all the color in accessories.
That and an accent wall in my bedroom of giant yellow and white go with my gray quilt.

Anyway, upon getting the house ready for it to go on the market, I painted the playroom (that used to be bright yellow) this soft white.

LOVE it!  And now my maps lining the back of the shelves really pops.


One day we’re going to add pretty paper to the backs of the dollhouse shelves.


Oh and I made new pillows for our comfy denim couch.
The middle pillow is a Goodwill find (Target ‘reject’).

I really loved some of Targets new sheets.
No need for sheets, I just bought some pillow cases and cut them in half or so and made pillows for the couch.

So that's the current look of our playroom.  :)


zakkalife said...

What a great playroom! It looks so clean and bright with the white paint. But now I'm a little curious what it looked like when it was yellow. Do you have a picture?

Deanna said...

Here's a 'before':

And hey, I never got your email. :)

zakkalife said...

Thanks for the link :)

Hmm, maybe I sent it to another Deanna? I'll try resending it.

Denise said...

looks great. very crisp and clean.

Anonymous said...

I really miss your blog updates. You are a great inspiration and your house looks lovely!

Deanna said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous. :) Actually I was gonna try and post this week.


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