Monday, December 3, 2012

Room Fit For a Tween

We have a 4 bedroom house. 
Up til a week ago, the girls shared a room and boys shared a room.
Well you know how girls mature faster than boys?
My 9 yr old girl has all the makings of a tween.
And sharing a room with a messy, invasive 5 yr old about had her in hives.
(Boys, 11 and 7 have no interest in splitting up.)
So once our house listing expired (bummer) we decided to finally mix things up around here.

Kalla got the 'extra' room.
The one we used sort of as office (not really), guest room (rarely) and storage (mostly).
So it got a clean coat of white paint and some fun accessories.

Quilt was found at our local Goodwill, but is Target brand and I've seen them there.
SMILE pennant was made by the 2 of us over Thanksgiving break.

Curtains made by me.
Fabric from Hobby Lobby--hard to see here, but it's a pink and white geometric design.

Biggest wish was a space to set up a permanent doll bedroom.
Don't you adore the poster doll bed made for me as a girl by my paw paw and patch quilt made by my great grandmother.
To be honest, I've had to convince Kalla how much more awesome they are than the sparkly trendy doll beds in AG catalog.

Desk is a cheapy piece from Goodwill.
I painted it's veneer wood a bright white.
Chair is just a stand in til I can figure out how to get the vintage metal one I thrifted's cushion off so I can paint and reupholster it.
Decorated the white desk a bit with some washi tape.
Orange silverware holder holds all her little notebooks, mp3 player and cutsie erasers and pens.
Clear chevron box from Target holds her craft stuff.

Mirror is cheap plastic thrift find painted orange.
Blue lamp thrifted.
Painted blue plaque keeps her bowl of bracelets and sunglasses organized.
Replaced glass of cheap frame with cork board to hang necklaces on.
Far Beautiful printable from Joys Hope here.

Giant bulletin boards to hang anything she likes from Hobby Lobby.
Framed out with some washi tape.

Bed was hubby's old bed with storage underneath...SO NICE.
Don't look too close and you'll see I haven't finished painting it yet.  :)

Boys got moved to the girls' old room since it was the largest and biggest closet.
Maressa now has the bunk beds to herself and is enjoying the top bunk.
Her room will get a coat of white and some special things eventually.

But for now I'm sick.
Hence the time to post as I can't work on projects feeling like this!


djjdjdjdjd said...

Such a fun room! Love all of the colors. Hope you get to feeling better!!!

Deanna said...

Thanks Crystal!!

Samantha said...

Great room! So many good ideas for me to borrow. I'm just about to re-do my 6 year old's room (the Dora theme has outstayed it's welcome!)

Deanna said...

Samantha, my 5 yr old would love a Dora room. Lucky she choose butterfly theme we will work on as soon as I'm feeling better. :)

zakkalife said...

When I first saw the title, I thought you guys got a new house. Sorry to hear you haven't sold your current house.

It looks like you found a great solution for finding/making more space. And the new "tween" room looks great! Good size too.

We're still on the hunt for a new house. I'm hoping in the New Year more houses will come on the market.

Erika said...

So many great ideas!Love the small frame for the necklaces,and the orange mirror!You are a genius!:)I hope you are feeling better!God bless!

Dee said...

I love how you decorate. Your girls must be thrilled. By the way, happy new year to you and your family.

Erika said...

Hi there, I don't mean to be a stalker :) but I do follow your blog and I just wanted to say : I miss your posts! I hope you and your family are well! Please share some more of your cool décor ideas and parties! God bless!


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