Thursday, October 25, 2007


Soooo close to being done! I have been busting my booty trying to finish up the girl's holiday sets so I have the option of listing them on eBay as customs if they turn out as expected. I just have a few more stitches to put on this pocket and ruffles on the pants. They are made with an adorable pink knit penguin fabric. Kalla will have a raglan sleeve swing top and knit pants with ruffle and Maressa an a-line tee dress and knit pants...having a bit of trouble lining up the top of the lap tee style on hers. Anyway, as I was finishing up tonight, my belt on my machine snapped. I don't know why I don't just keep an extra around. But speaking of my machine, I get to go sewing machine shopping this Saturday!! I have been using my hubby's grandma's old machine (I think this thing was made in the 50's) heavily for over 3 years now. Old Bessie is just great and we have a great working relationship, but I think she needs a rest. Going to go to a local shop and try out some used Babylocks.
This tee is finished. Micah's holiday tee in a cute western snowman print. I plan on offering this custom too....hard to get a good shot on a 2yr old model though. He was actually very cooperative....too cooperative! He kept being silly and throwing his head back and cheesy grins....not really what I was trying for...hard to get him to be natural. Here's the non-posed version of the tee:
I hope to get this stuff done tomorrow so I have all weekend to try for shots of the girls in theirs. :)

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