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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to throw a super simple birthday party for an 11 year old boy.

Back in September my oldest turned 11 years old.  Ugh. 
He is 5 foot tall now ( a mere 7" shorter than me) and in his last year of elementary school.

I threw him a small, simple party this year.

He invited a handful of friends to come celebrate.
I filled the kitchen table with junk food, koolaide and labeled plates and cups.

Party favors in paper cups I got at Target dollar spot.
I put googly eyes on and filled with a few party favors from Party City and gum.

Outside a bowl of styrofoam airplanes, glow sticks and silly string.

They came to hang out for 3 hours and just ate and played as they pleased.

Kickball and football in the front yard.

Silly string in the back yard.



Foam light saber whacking and wrestling on the trampoline.

Dinner was Z's favs...chicken tacos and watermelon.

Cookie cake (decked out in Clemson colors) and sparklers to end the night.  :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple Large DIY Outdoor Tent

The tent I made for Kalla’s latest bday bash was quick n easy.
Just like I like.

This particular one needs to hang from something.
I did not make supports to hold it up.
I hung it from a tree limb that hangs over our patio.
Here’s what I used:
Three 10ft pvc pipe
2 cheap queen sized flat sheets
Assorted ribbons
String of Christmas lights

I first sewed a bunch of colorful ribbons across the bottom seams of each of the flat sheets.
Then I hung one pvc pipe with twine to limb.
I wrapped the Christmas lights around the pipe hanging and then tied the sheets together at the top on each side.

At the top of each queen sheet was a wide hem that was open on one end and I inserted another pipe into each.
The pipes were a bit longer than the width of the sheets and I simply cut the extra off with large tree pruning cutters.
I used bricks to hold each side open as wide as it would go.

And inside I used a large quilt (king sized) inside for the girls to sit on.
I hope to get some more pipe to try to figure out how to make it free standing one day.  If I do, I’ll be sure to share!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Make it: Easy and Simple Doll Chairs

If any of you own an American Girl doll or the like, you quickly realize the thing cannot sit on it's own.
It needs to lean against something to get it to sit proper.
So we were having a Doll and Camping birthday party and I really needed to have all these dolls sitting around a campfire.
But where was I going to find a dozen chairs for them to sit in?
An idea came to me....I had some left over pieces from a cub scout book end project in the garage.

I realized putting 2 pieces together made a primal type chair that sits on the floor, perfect size for Kalla's dolls.

So to make some chairs like these here's what you need.
Don't be scared...I'm no carpenter.
I've never tried an Ana White project, nor do I have a saw.
I can use a hammer though.
So I went to Home Depot and got some lumber, a 10ft section of 1/2" thick piece that is about 5.5" wide.
I had the guy cut it down for me to 8" pieces.  For a dozen chairs (2 pieces each), this took 2 10ft sections.
So I ended up with 2 pieces of wood .5"x5.5"x8" per chair.

Other than the wood, you need wood glue and some finishing nails (these nails are thin, won't split the wood and sinks down into the wood.
First you need to sand the edges well.  I do happen to have an electric sander which rocked my project way fast.
Then, I used wood glue to adhere the pieces together.
Little glue goes a long way.
Let it dry completely.

Once dry, nail together across bottom with 3 nails.

Then of course I had to have plenty of color.
Spray paint all sides.

They are a little plain.  I thought about letting Kalla stencil or personalize hers.
i think they would be cute with the doll's initials.


Here they are in party action.

And I let the party guests all take one home for their doll.
Kalla plays with her chairs all the time.
Now I should figure out a way to make a simple table.  :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thankful and a yummy blueberry dessert

 Birthdays are kinda a big deal in our house.
Everybody gets their special day.

This past weekend we celebrated the biggest guy’s bday.

We did our traditional bday banner.
I print it up and the kids color it and we ‘surprise’ him with it on his special day. 
Along with homemade cards.
I love how creative the kids are with their drawings for him.
We also made him a collage and photo frame of the kids to take to work…more on those later this week. 
He’s not big on gifts, however one of my love languages is gifts, so we always manage to make him something.

Maressa wanted to make him spicy chocolate and this had nothing to do with the fact she wants him to share.  *wink wink*

We cooked a rad meal of his fav things…meat (chicken) and veggies and salad.

And we made this blueberry buckle that is raved about so much on one of my fav blogs.
*Warning, Do NOT take this fresh out of the oven and insert traditional bday candles...they will melt inside the cake, then you have to pick blue wax out of your slice before you eat it. 

Yes, it was awesome.

We are blessed to celebrate with this incredible hubby and father every year and every day in between. 
After all he does the best at silly voices when reading books and of course embellishing the story to make it even more silly to which the girls giggle and say ‘no daddy, that’s not right!’ 
They love it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doll and Camping Party

This past weekend we celebrated Kalla’s big 9th birthday with a bash in our backyard.
A giant homemade tent (tutorial to come), lots of yummy food and crafts.

For the table (our picnic table) I covered it in white paper table cloth and pink printed wrapping paper (found at Target on clearance).
White tin votives down the middle of the table.
Tin pie plates from the Dollar Tree in place of paper plates.
Glass jars and straws.
Trinkets at each place setting:  banana, mini colorful flashlight and glow stick bracelets.

The girls all brought their favorite doll (or stuffed animal).
The dolls all enjoyed their own mini bandanas, campfire and roasted marshmallows.
I made the chairs with simple pieces of wood and paint. Will share my how to this week.

Marshmallows on a stick is simply bamboo skewers and folded sheets of copy paper.
We used elastic hair bands to help the dolls hold their sticks.

Food for the party goers per request of bday girl:  chicken tacos, fresh salsa and chips, buttered corn on the cob and fruit kabobs.



Campfire cupcakes.

Crafts:  glitter votive candle holders.

To make we simply poured and coated the inside of mason jars with mod podge, then sprinkled glitter inside.



In the big tent, their were supplies to make bracelets and necklaces. 
The girls made some for themselves and for their dolls. 


Aside from taking home their doll chairs, marshmallows, trinkets and crafts, we set up a trail mix station for party favors.

They all had a really great time.
Even though the rain didn’t hold out for the whole party and the smores got nixed.

To see the invitation go here. :)


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