Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas picture done!

Last week I did get my Christmas card picture done! It turned out fairly well if I do say so myself. How did I get those four angels to all look and smile you ask??? Well, it was no easy task. First of all I used my tripod. I was then able to line up the camera then get out from behind it to interact with the kids and just keep clicking. Also I took a bunch of pics. This was one of the very few that they were all even looking. Though I am no photography expert, I do like good pictures. So offer the following tips when trying to get a nice photo for your cards: Background, background background! :) Pay lots of attention to it. I was very thoughtful of where I wanted to do my picture. I wanted a hint of Christmas, but I wanted the picture to be of the kids, not my tree. So I put our smallish fake tree right by the fireplace (a nice 'plain' spot in our house). Then I put a coffee table right up against it to the side a little. I placed all the kids on the coffee table. And another thing I think helps is to zoom in on your subjects instead of trying to crop the picture later. Also, to brighten your pictures and subjects it is good to get what is called 'catch lights' in their eyes. If you don't get them naturally from a light source while taking your picture here is a tutorial to add them digitally for those computer savvy folks. :)

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