Thursday, December 6, 2007

Got a few projects out of the way

I just love this little dress. I found this crazy knit fabric online. It came printed with 'Baby Girl' in navy block letters all over. I just knew I had to make Maressa something with it. Notice I did add a little pink for a girly touch. The sleeves are a navy jersey. Coulda picked a better spot for a picture, but too lazy...don't look to hard at the glare off her very cute, but very bald head.

I also got a dress finished for Kalla...maybe I'll get a pic soon of it and her new haircut...I cut about 4" off her hair. It is now a cute wavy bob. Didn't mean to go that short, but have no regrets as it is fuss free and super cute and she doesn't get that bird's nest look.

Been super busy and making headway on gifts. Made these super cute Target wallets the other night. Going to put a gift card from Target in the little inside pocket and give to a couple of teens. They can use the wallet or toss it out.

Here's the tutorial to making the 'fabric' from plastic sacks. I put it all together with red duct tape, but it can be sewn on if desired.

Finishing up some sock animals, some reusable grocery sacks, printed dish towels and some marble magnets and stacks of baby bibs.

Not getting stressed at all, just taking everything a little at a time. Crafting, getting Kalla's some needed clothes done, family time, letting the house get trashed for a couple of days then going on cleaning frenzies and spending time with friends somewhere in there. :)


. said...

Hi Deanna! Long time no "speak" :)

That dress is just adorable. Makes me wish Gracie was that small again...... almost ;)

Hope all is well with you and your clan. love M

Deanna said...

HI Marie!
Thanks! This is my fav dress yet! So me, not so frilly, but comfy and Wishing M would stay this little forever...she's the cutest spunkiest thing! :)
Happy Holidays!


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