Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Regular Day Party

Kalla, Micah and I celebrated for no good reason on Saturday. lol Well, except that it is just fun to party once and a while. Zachary was gone to a birthday party for his friend. He has not one or two this month, but FOUR! Kalla has 2 of her own, but Sat while Z was gone the other two were quite sad at being left behind while their brother was with friends and cake. So I pulled out some old party plates and napkin left overs (plate from Christmas and some old baby shower napkins) and served up popcorn and mini cupcakes. Turned on some 'party music' and pulled out some games.
We chowed down and bopped our heads to the music while playing a game of candy land.
Then we topped off our party with a Little People hoe down on the farm. :) The lil ponies were invited too.

It was a good time for all. :)

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