Friday, February 8, 2008

Where to begin?

Lots of stuff going on, and lots of stuff done. :) To make it short and simple to what I've been up to lately, I'll just share the photos.
Preparing Maressa's big first birthday bash. Got these favors done (conversation hearts and bubbles). Middle of making heart garland and collecting photos of her first year to frame. Going to make the heart shaped cupcakes soon.

Did clay handprints of the kids. Still need to do Kalla's and Zachary's when I get more clay. Plan on getting little easels to put them on.

Working on some art work for the kid's bathroom. I need to get some string or ribbon to string through the holes.
FINALLY finished some belated Christmas crafts. Finished Maressa's and Micah's stockings and Maressa's ornament. Her clay ornament is a lavendar heart with red heart in paint shaped from her thumb prints.

THE cutest burp cloths I've ever done. Made these and the following oversized toddler bibs for a baby shower.Aside from these crafts I've almost finished painting Z's desk and started Maressa's first bday bib. And taking the kids outside when the weather is mild. ;)

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