Monday, May 12, 2008

It was a lovely weekend

I awoke Sun morning to the kitchen table with a beautiful bouquet and cards from my family.
And Zachary made me quite a handful of drawings through out the day. The wonderful pencil drawings of me and him, a flower and a very artsy "You Are Best." Then a lovely lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant where they handed out a rose to all the moms. All that and a wonderful husband at my service that afternoon....he asked me what I wanted him to do, so I put him to work helping me install a canopy on our deck.

Saturday, I had a yard sale. So my awesome hubby took all 4 kids to a birthday party by himself that morning at a jumpy place. Then when the kids were all napping I took my yard sale booty to Home Depot and bought plants, many wonderful plants and bushes. We've been in this house for almost 2 years now and the front 'flower bed' areas by the door have been painful to look at. Empty, but for many weeds and way over grown bushes. So when the kids woke, wonderful hubby watched/occupied/played with them nearby on the driveway while I planted all my treasures and trimmed and weeded for hours. I am so much happier with the left side now. Hubby says "I don't get it." lol Bless his engineer self. lol

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