Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday distractions

This Saturday we had a bunch of formal plans and due to a sickness in the family, we had to forgo them. So I let the kids entertain themselves with homemade playdough.

I used the time to catch up on some very much needed cleaning and laundry.
And to sew the girl's a couple of new dresses. I haven't taken time to make them new dresses in some time. I made some jumper dresses and boy oh boy! My new machine makes button holes SO easy! I know that most have had this luxury as a given with their sewing machines, but let me tell you should have seen the rigmarole I had to go through to do button holes before! I'll have to post about it some time. If you have never used a really old machine, you won't believe the contraption I used!
Here they are ready to go to church in their new dresses the next morning. They seemed pleased (well Kalla liked her new dress with flowers and butterflies and Maressa was just annoyed at tripping over it to get up a step from our playroom).

Oh and I also tried a recipe from a book I checked out from the library. It's The Cupcake Doctor or something like that. She has a whole series of muffin recipes in the back using a premade muffin mix. This is the sweet potato casserole muffin, complete with marshmallows on top. I have to say they were SO good warm straight out of the oven, but just so-so later on. They are actually too sweet for my taste. I think I'll try to make some using my yogurt muffin base recipe.

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