Monday, January 12, 2009

Party Ideas: 13th birthday

Here's a few ideas for a 13th birthday party.

Disco Party
Cut out black card stock in circle about the size of a 45 vinyl record. Cut much smaller circle in bright color with party details. Add silver glitter glue around edges if desired.

Disco ball-make your own:
Disco ball made with carnival mirror
Disco ball made with old CDs
Or buy one with spotlights here.
Get old vinyl albums from thrift stores/goodwill and use painters blue tape to stick on walls (double the tape to make a loop and press on record, then press to wall.
Find some favors and more decorations here. You and your teen can go through this site and find favors, like the glow in the dark bracelets and disco key chains.

Tie Dye Party/60's
Make these tie dye coffee filters and press flat. Cut smaller circle out of cardstock with party info and glue to middle.
Buy bulk amount of mardi gras style beads to make bead curtain to hang in doorway: Cut each bead necklace to make bead strings. Tie strings together end to end with fishing wire til length needed. String along doorways. Or buy one here. Yellow smiley faces and bright colored paper flowers.

Mood rings and colored sunglasses

Movie Night
Make a paper version of a directors clapboard and add party details.

Hang age appropriate movie posters. Find Pirates of the Caribbean, Night at the Museum, Star Wars, Narnia, etc here on eBay. Hang silver and gold stars from ceiling with fishing line. Red carpet runner. Golden awards...use for decorations, prizes or party favors.

Few boxes of movie type candy (Junior Mints, Jujubes) tied with ribbon or candy popcorn. Recipes to make your own here.
Movie charades, come as a movie character costume contest.

That's all I have for now! :)

For more generic party (no particular theme) some more party favor ideas:
Yo yo's
Deck of cards
CD of birthday kid's fav tunes (download off internet from music clubs or individually from Amazon)


DeeAnna said...

Thank you so much for all your help. Your AWESOME... I think we are going to do the Disco one. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your help

Deanna said...

So glad I could help! Let me know how it goes!

Vera said...

Hi, Deanna! Great blog, great ideas, thank you! Looking forward to your next update. :)


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