Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A couple of gifts

Had a few gifts to make this past weekend. One for a wedding shower and a few things to go into a basket for a lady at church who is going through chemo right now...kinda a cheery basket of things to open to lift her up.

For wedding showers I generally follow my container/anti wrapping rule. I like to see what they have on their registry, get a few inexpensive things and then fill in with fun stuff/homemade stuff. This time I thought it was so cute that they had board games on their registry. When Matt and I were dating and the beginning (ie no kids) of our marriage we spent time playing games. Either tennis or basketball at the park, or chess or backgammon at home. We enjoyed spending time like that. Lately we will race on Z's new game Nascar Kart on the Wii. :)

Anyway, for the gift I got a cute basket at my fav store Target, 2 games off their registry, some movie size candy boxes, gourmet popcorn and a fleece throw from Target that I appliqued their monogram on it. My friend and I split the cost and gave it to them together. Fun gift. :)

Also made these for a lady in my lady's Sunday morning bible class. A rice heating pad in pretty fabric, sugar scrub and some pretty sunflower soap made with shea butter, apricot scrub and lavender essential oil (all found at Hobby Lobby).

Now I have 2 more gifts to make this week. My mother in law (who has a request..one of those long, roll up wallets with lots of pockets you transfer from purse to purse) and a 2 year old gift...thinking of felt food for her...I've been dying to make some! Will post when they are done!


Lou said...

Love all the gifts Deanna, especially the boardgame basket! Was it you who did a similar idea when you bought movies as a gift (ie put them in a basket with popcorn etc?). I love that! ;)

Melinda said...

Both gifts are adorable Deanna! Love it, love it!

Anonymous said...

Great gifts!


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