Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whew! What a week!

First of all let me share this adorable quilt. It is K's preschool class quilt for the letter Q this week. The teacher sent home each student a square to decorate however they liked. Another mommy pieced it together and it was sent to me to add the batting, backing and binding.
Kalla drew a picture of our family with fabric markers. The fabric we had wasn't so good and they bled. She didn't want me to replace the fabric and do it over (we already did it over once when she messed the first one up). We wanted to add rickrack and button flowers, but ran out of time.

This is the fabric I choose for the back. I really like it and want some more as it would go so well in our playroom.

Anyway, it's been a hectic week having returned from our trip on Sunday night. The laundry, unpacking, cleaning the house and we've had a bunch of errands to run every morning. Maressa has been particularly active in her mischievous-ness. Yesterday not only did she get a hold of another marker, but she wrote all over her palms and up her arms with it, then later washed herself up in the toliet. She also dug out a candy thrown in the garbage by my computer and was eating it wrapper and all (it was a now and later). I swear I do watch her and I keep the markers in a locked closet, but the older 2 had them out earlier. And I was just thinking of taking the locks off the toliets soon as we will start potty training this summer! My first 2 were not like this at all so I'm naturally gotten kinda slack. Micah we had to lock the pantry and kitchen to keep him out of trouble (though he busted them anyway).


Peggy said...

Oh dear! This makes for good stories to embarass them when they are older and most definitely ensures wonderful Mother's Day presents!

YayaOrchid said...

Gorgeous quilt!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet project! It's so cute.


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