Thursday, April 9, 2009

The letter X

Today we had letter snack for K's preschool class. We got the letter 'X'. So coming up with a snack was a challenge. But my smart daughter told me to make x-ray cookies. So I did! She did the sprinkles.

K also cut out letter X's with a small cookie cutter in slices of cheese. So we took theses with the cookies and some crackers.

And when I was making these books with the bunny bubble letters, I printed out extra X's and taped them to cardstock for the children in her class to color and take home. I thought the bunny shaped letter X would be an extra fun with Easter coming up and all.

Speaking of Kalla, she has been asking me to teach her all kinds of things lately. I love it when she shows interest in learning so many things. So we are making a Summer To Do list. So far on our list to learn to do for Kalla is as follows:
sew (she's getting a kid machine for her bday)
decorate cookies~like mommy does it
ride her bike without training wheels
do a cartwheel (husband asked if I could still do one of these, and yes I can, it just hurts to do them now ;)


carrie said...

you are so clever! i love it. if i tried to make x-ray cookies, you wouldn't be able to tell that is what it was. way to go! (sorry... for some reason i am opposed the capital letters today...hmmmm!)

Anonymous said...

I would love to make these for my husband's classes (he teaches radiology) for an end of the year kind of thing - can you email me and tell me how you did it (what kind of icing/tools you used)?

These are awesome!!

Deanna said...

Laura, I simply used royal icing (recipe on the back of a container of powdered can find it also on the internet or on Martha Stewart website). I got some black gel coloring from a local cake decorating supply takes a good bit in your icing to get it black (save some white for the bones). I cut the cookies out in rectangles and then spread with the black icing. Once dry, I put the white icing in a sandwich baggie and sealed it. I cut a tiny hole in the corner and then piped the bones on with that. :) Hope that helps! Email me if you need any more help.

Chef Messy said...

Those cookies are awesome! My little boy is obsessed with all things x-ray. He would love those!

Jenna said...

My mom was right! You are VERY creative! I really enjoy looking at your blog, lots of creative advice. :D


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