Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank dollar spot!

A week before Kalla's party, I found these stamps in the dollar spot at Target. I thought they would be perfect for K to do her thank yous. So we got out some blank cards and a pink stamping pad and mommy's 'rainbow' one and went to work. She was able to make all the cards and I just wrote in the details of the note. Making thank yous become less of a chore when you add crafting/stamping to it. :)


kim said...

I have a thankyou stamp that I love. And I agree with making the thankyou's a fun project--we try to come up with some sort of artwork/craft that they can do with the cards so they enjoy the process. The hardest part now is with the writing since Bean is getting where she can do more and more of it, but then its so slow and painful and really draws the process out. I need to just spread them out and we can write one or two at a time so neither of us get frustrated. :)

Jan Holt said...

Cute idea to get your kid excited about thank you cards!

BTW I'm trying to support a friend and get the word out about her very sick brother-in-law in hopes we can get some info.

Please visit to help this family.




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