Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A chair before and after

This step stool chair is as old as I am, if not more. This used to live at my grandma's house. It was the favorite seat at the breakfast table when me and my sisters were kids. We'd fight over who got to sit in it. It is part of my fond memories of my grandma's kitchen in the mornings when my paw paw made mountains of waffles and bacon and the home of the squeeze butter I was so fond of. So when they passed away a few years back, I had to have this chair. But it needed a makeover.

So I cleaned it up and painted it white and recovered the top in oilcloth. It sits in my sewing room where my kids come in and enjoy sitting in it often. :)


kim said...

The chair looks great--I love the fabric you used on it.

Crystal Corona said...


Sharon Sews said...

Nice makeover! It's very attractive.

Heather said...

Deanna, you are such a clever thing! Love the chair and the kitty.

Brenda said...

I love furniture makeovers! That turned out really good! I have a similar piece of "furniture" coming from my grandparents' kitchen... it's a metal stand/table they had their coffee maker on... I've been wondering what I will do with it to give it a second life!

zakkalife said...

It's nice that you can keep the chair as a reminder of them.

My Grandparents (well, just Grandmother now) has a chair just like that. Looking at your chair brought me back. I can remember my Grandfather using it. It's funny what sticks with us.


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