Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh how I love thee Ikea

This past weekend at the end of our fall break, we went to visit some dear friends of ours in Atlanta. Like us they have 4 small children, so that was 8 kids 8 years and under, under one roof for a long weekend. So Saturday afternoon, me and my girlfriend left the dads with nap duty to escape do important errand running and made a trip to Ikea too. Mmmmmm! I've never been, but I drool their site often. I just knew I HAD to go while in Atlanta. It was all I imagined and more! Did you know you can drop your kids off in this big playroom for free babysitting while you shop?!? Hard for me to imagine actually doing that seeing how over protective I can be, but cool is it that they have that option? I didn't really have much funds to spend, but I managed to wear out my friend in this huge endless eye candy of a store. And I did make out with a small stash.

One of the things I love about Ikea is that they are in the 'Three F's' category. Frugal, functional and FUN! And of course lots and lots of color of which I am so fond of. This whole pile above, cost me all of $30.
Porcelain dish playset (a future bday gift for a friend's kid), kitchen shears (I needed new ones), plastic sack organizer (see photo below)--was thinking of making one, but hey for $1.99 I decided this would work fab--, colorful nesting tins that match my kitchen, kids sized plastic cups that go with the snack plates and bowls that I received as gifts already from Ikea and these hanging organizers for the kids growing webkinz collection to give to them for Christmas.

Here's the cool sack organizer...I truely hope to one day make some reusable grocery sacks, but for now we use these babies for those dirty diapers that have to be immediately evacuated from the house. ;) My pantry is thanking me for this thing.

Here is my now complete kids snack collection. I have enough to use them for cutsie toddler parties too....already planning that one in Feb....yes I'm sick I know. Gonna live out the If You Give a Cat a Cupcake idea I'm thinking. Anyway, can't tell you how much we use the plates and bowls on a daily basis and just love them. If you go to Ikea you must pick some up...each piece is bundled in 6's for a whole $1.99.
Now I'm hoping to plan a girl's weekend to Ikea, I mean Atlanta next year...need to just find a pick up truck to borrow! ;)
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pink and green mama MaryLea said...

I heart IKEA!!! I have the same bag organizer. Yes I bring my own grocery bags but we still get stray bags like the one that comes on our newspaper and they're corralled and re-used for litter box scooping and poppy diapers. I also have those snack bowls and cups, they're fantastic and the perfect size for after school snacks, dessert, and side dishes at lunch/dinner. We have the hanging toy organizers in pink in both girls' rooms for the stuffed animal/beanie baby menagerie. : ) Fondly, pink and green mama MaryLea

Dena said...

I love shopping at Ikea, but it is easy to get lost. lol

Toots said...

Hey Deanna,I've never been to Ikea but I can see how much I'd love it! Those cups and plates would be great in my house too! I may have to make the time someday to nearest Ikea is about an hour and a half away.

Misty said...

I am making my first trip there this weekend! I can't wait!!

Deanna said...

Dena, we did get lost trying to find our way out! :)

Crystal Corona said...

You don't have reusable bags already! Shock! Another thing you can use is a plastic basket. Just put it in your cart and then drive out to the car and put it in the trunk! It just depends on how much stuff you have and if you can carry it.

Deanna said...

I know, I know Crystal. I keep meaning to fuse my Target bags together then sew them into sturdy reusable bags...on that big fat to-do list of mine! ;)

Anna said...

Huge Ikea fan here, too! I love the bowls, cups and utensils from Ikea. I've had mine for 3 years and they're still awesome. Of course, most of my house is now from Ikea. Their furniture is so reasonable (and cool).


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