Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Here are 3 of them. The boys in their football glory. Splurge on my part for them, but they have already worn these uniforms/costumes a ton and I expect they will til they don't fit anymore. Kalla who reminded me that she 'doesn't wear costumes, Mom' decided she wanted to wear the cape that I was already making her (her brothers already got theirs, and she patiently waited for me to make her one~they were supposed to be gifts last Christmas). And I made her a 'K' shirt to wear with it. So she was Super Kalla. :)

This one, who normally lets me or her sister put all kinds of dress up things on her daily, did NOT want to wear anything on this day. No Cinderella dress (what was originally decided since we already had one), no tutu, not even the cute bunny ears. So we just called her bubblegum. lol Course she was not going to be left out of all the picture taking. ;)

Trick or treating with Grandma before hitting the party at our church building.

Of which I made a ton of cupcakes for.

And on Friday, Zachary's and Kalla's class were allowed to dress up as a favorite character and parade around their school. Z as none other than Charlie Brown. Kalla's was a little tricky being that she doesn't dress up and all. However, she does love wearing her pjs...even to school. So I found this book where the character wears pjs. She was so excited to participate in her own comfortable way.

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